Thailand Board of Investment

Board of Investment Thailand

Thailand, as one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, has been actively promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) to fuel its growth further. The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) is the principal government agency playing a vital role in this strategy, offering a host of incentives to attract and facilitate both local and foreign investments. […]

Establishing a Representative Office in Thailand

Establishing Representative Office in Thailand

In the globally interconnected world of business, establishing an international presence has become increasingly crucial for companies aiming to reach a broader customer base. One viable option for foreign companies seeking to explore or establish a business foothold in Thailand is by setting up a representative office. This article will offer a fresh perspective on […]

Establishing a Limited Company in Thailand

Company Registration in Thailand

In the world of entrepreneurship and international business, Thailand is rapidly emerging as a prime destination for investment. The country offers a welcoming climate for startups and well-established businesses alike, underpinned by its robust economy and supportive government policies. If you’re considering taking your entrepreneurial journey to Thailand, establishing a limited company could be a […]