Land Measurements in Thailand

Buying land in Thailand can become confusing with not only the language being difficult but add in the land measurements in Thailand being neither Metric nor Imperial. Land measurements in Thailand as example.

Some of the most basic measurements are talang wah and rai. Now off-hand this might be in your mind a language issue however it is not as you will see. Now talang means squared and talang mett would be square meters. Now now look at the conversion table:

  • 1 Wah = 2 m
  • 1 Talang Wah = 4 sqm
  • 1 Rai = 1600 sqm
  • 1 Rai = 400 Talang Wah
  • 1 Rai = 0.40 Acre (approx.)
  • 1 Rai = 0.16 Hectare
  • 1 Ngan = 100 Talang Wah

Confusing is it not. If you need to convert land measurements in Thailand then visit our main website or best yet let one of our lawyers give you the measurements in either imperial or metric. What you might consider to be a bargain in terms of property might just end up being a match box apartment.

Always ensure that you know what it is that you are buying beforehand so as not to be disappointed. Your typical Thai apartment tends to be very small and here we are talking about 6 meters X 6 meters. Always check with a property lawyer first.

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